Gettysburg Cyclorama

A 3-d monument is just a monument where pictures are taken from around the monument, and then software is used to knit those pictures together for a 3-d view of the monument.  Not only is is a very nice way to view monuments, but it also gives a 3-d view of the battlefield from a location.

Creating a 3-d monument is time intensive, but not because of the software and technology to create them.  The time required is physically going out on the battlefield and taking the pictures.  I do not have the time to do this documentation myself, and besides I take awful pictures.  Add to that the fact that there are many wonderful photographers out there who would like to interact in this way with the Gettysburg battlefield. 

So I am making this offer.  If you, or someone you know, would like to create 3-d monuments to display on my web site, I will provide the technical competency to make it happen.  I will make sure that you are given proper attribution for your work. 

So if you would like to interact with the Gettysburg Battlefield, and be part of the documentation of the battlefield, you can contact me at